Ground Rentals

Grounds Rental

Our fairgrounds are open from April through October for your corporate and private functions.  We offer a great location for many kinds of events ranging from weddings, family reunions, camper rallies, circuses, and tool sales to auctions.

For more information please contact:

Jacques Beaulieu


Do you need winter storage for your boat, camper, car, truck, etc.

Only $11 per foot for items. Rates are for 2013-2014 storage.




Wedding in the Barn

Wedding in the Barn

Having our wedding at the Franklin County Field Days venue was a perfect match for us. The venue was large enough to hold all of our friends and family but still held the intimate feel that was very important to us. The staff made sure the venue was clean and were approachable and friendly when we needed anything. We had open access to the grounds all week which made it easy for everyone to help and allowed the decorating possibilities to be endless. The building had many windows and large sliding doors that gave it a outdoor feel without the stress of worry about the weather. Also, the venue had everything we needed on site; from table and chair rentals to a bar and cold storage. Many of our guests also utilized the camping options which made it so they didn’t need to worry about a ride home. Franklin County Field days was the perfect match for our big day. 

-Ben & Amy Irish